March 24, 2018

[Interview] Paychex Speaks on RPA & IA Technologies: Datebook, Intelligent Automation Canada May 30 – 31 • Toronto, Canada

Dear Community members, re: [Interview] Paychex Speaks on RPA & IA Technologies

As intelligent automation technologies continue to gain mainstream popularity in shared services operations and other organizational departments, weI wanted to share this exclusive interview with Karen Meselolla, Business Transformation Leader at Paychex. In this interview you will find insights on:

  • The top reasons RPA & IA initiatives fail
  • Best practices for selecting which processes to automate
  • Misconceptions about implementing RPA & IA solutions
  • Advice for those who’s first attempt at RPA & IA may have been unsuccessful

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We’re bringing our Intelligent Automation Series, with the support of CATAAlliance to Toronto this May 30-31. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain deeper insights on how RPA, cognitive, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies can streamline and increase productivity and accuracy into your back office processes. (Download the agenda >> )

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Carolyn Gombos
Marketing Manager
Intelligent Automation Canada
May 30 – 31 •  Toronto, Canada

P.S. For a limited time, we’re offering a BUY ONE, GET ONE discount to attend Intelligent Automation Canada (limited to first 5 end-users only).

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