May 21, 2018

Brightsquid Awarded TELUS Outstanding Product Achievement Award, Mobility Health Innovation Excellence in Canada

Brightsquid Awarded TELUS Outstanding Product Achievement Award, Mobility Health Innovation Excellence in Canada from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Mike Roszak, VP, TELUS Health Solutions, Rohit Joshi, Award Winner, John Reid, CATA CEO

In this four minute video, join Mike Roszak, Vice President, Health Benefits Management, TELUS Health Solutions as he presents the TELUS Outstanding Product Achievement Award for Mobility (M-Health) Innovation Excellence in Canada’s Health Care Sector to Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp., Rohit Joshi, CEO accepting the Award.

In accepting the Award, Rohit spoke to the importance of patient centre technologies and solutions.

About Brightsquid


In 2009, a U of C radiologist needed to share medical imagery with colleagues more quickly. At the time, mailing burned discs or thumb drives was the only option, but that took too long.

Knowing email is not secure (and unable to handle large imaging files), a service was developed for healthcare professionals to quickly collaborate on patient cases while still protecting confidentiality.

Thus was borne this year’s Telus Innovation in Healthcare winner, Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp. The company provides confidential messaging and file sharing services for healthcare professionals. Brightsquid services make patient information more accessible so that teams can collaborate efficiently and effectively, and patients can participate actively in their own care.

By enabling greater communication in healthcare Brightsquid helps patients engage in their care and gain visibility into their healthcare. Patients can be including in conversations about their care and follow and better participate in transitions of care as they navigate the system.

Specialist clinics using Brightsquid with patients have reduced wait times from 24 months to 8 weeks (a 92% reduction) while also redirecting 25% of patients to a better fit practitioner before scheduling an appointment – getting patients where they need to be more quickly.

A large family practice has increased care capacity by 18% using Brightsquid to manage patient communication. So they now address 18% more patient concerns because some are managed without ever requiring an office visit. Patients save travel time and appointment time, while gaining a full written record of treatment plans they can reference at any time rather than relying on memory. As a result, evidence shows health outcomes improve.

The Brightsquid user base is growing rapidly in Canada and the USA with over 39,000 practitioners and 56,000 patients on the system. Each month, Brightsquid users securely share over 83,000 patient files.

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