January 25, 2018

Global Cybersecurity Center Expression of Interest

January 25, 2018

Mr. Alois Zwinnggi
Managing Director
350 Madison Avenue
New York, New York,
U.S.A. 10017

Dear Mr. Zwinnggi,

On behalf of CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation lobby group, we would like to congratulate you and your organization on its strong message surrounding the global issue of cybercrime as it affects future economic growth, national security and personal safety.

The announcement of the Global Cybersecurity Center and call for collaboration with governments, industry leaders and associations is timely for CATAAlliance and for the Canadian government now ready to announce a new National Cybersecurity Strategy.

CATACyber, a division of CATAAlliance, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police advisory body, and the eCrimes Cyber Council, have been engaged in national and international discussions regarding the need for increased collaboration to address the growing and global impact of cybercrime and associated attacks on industry, infrastructure and constituents. The mandate of your Center aligns with the priorities set forth by our public and private sector members.

We would like to formally express our interest to support and collaborate with the Global Cybersecurity Center and your team in advancing our shared interest mandates.  As such, we would welcome an opportunity to speak with you at your earliest convenience to explore collaborative opportunities.

Your sincerely,

Katherine Thompson
CATA Cyber Council Chair
(647) 202-0624

Kevin Wennekes
CATA Chief Business Officer- eCrimes Chair
(613) 769-8614

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