September 19, 2018

Introducing Featured AI Content Advertising: Outreach to Customers, Collaborators and Media

Featured AI Content Advertising
Canadians spend (on average) more than 36 hours on online browsing, typically visiting 80 websites every month. With programmatic resources we’re able to optimize your content display across the internet – to your target audience.

The AI partnership between IT World Canada (ITWC), CATAAlliance & SalesChoice, now includes a Featured Content Offering as a unique opportunity for businesses to improve branding, generate and nurture new sales leads, connect with your audience, or generally to raise your public profile in Canada’s tech community.

We are able to leverage the visibility of our AI Directory, AI Social Groups, affiliated publications, and extensive experience in print and digital marketing and advertising campaigns to offer unprecedented access to Canada’s technology community. Consider an Op-Ed piece, link to a white paper or expert advice note, video interview, or simply your web site.

Featured Content

Featured content gives you the chance to become a recognized author, demonstrate your expertise and harness SEO (Search Engine Optimization) power by placing your content on our AI platform of promotional resources.

Digital Marketing Outreach

We command an extensive digital outreach and can harness the power of our combined digital audiences with:

  • Banner advertising in the AI Directory (800+individuals & companies profiled)
  • Twitter Outreach (24 thousand opt-in followers)
  • Facebook ( 5 thousand opt-in followers)
  • Linkedin CEO Group (30 thousand opt-in followers)
  • Linkedin AI Groups (100 thousand+ opt-in followers
  • Email news alerts (30 thousand contacts, proprietary database)
  • Social media campaigns (on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)
  • ITWC complements engaged social groups through the AI Directory built into the ITWC Network of sites for a CASL compliant reach 197,000 subscribers and Network reach 1.2 Million viewers) as does CATAAlliance
  • Complimentary video interview with author to boost leadership profile and engagement

Purchase Your Featured Content Spot

Interested in purchasing your own featured content spot?  Contact us at for next steps, including a rate card discount for first customers.

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