March 31, 2018

Waterloo’s Balsillie Gives a ‘F Grade’ to Canada’s Tech Leadership: Voice Your View!

Canada’s Tech Leadership

In an interview with BNN’s Jon Erlichman, Jim Balsillie, former co-CEO of Research In Motion slams Canada’s leaders for forcing the Canadian technology industry into a “race to the bottom,” warning that firms are even looking to move operations to the United States.

He said that “ Canada’s leaders have focused too much on attracting foreign tech firms, rather than growing the country’s own champions at home… Now, our orientation is cheap foreign branch plants.”

“ Understand that if our strategies are to make Canada a cheap branch plant economy, that’s not a path to prosperity, that’s a race to the bottom… The coziness that all three levels of government have shown to foreign tech is misguided…Without a national strategy, Canada may also be losing out on the potential to become a “world leader” for data-based businesses,” Balsillie concluded.

 Our CATA Advocacy Team now asks you to Voice Your View and Grade Canadian Tech Leadership.

CATA would like to start the Conversation:

” Canada needs to grow, attract and retain foreign multinational corporations with strong Canadian mandates, SME’s (Small to mid-sized enterprises) with global flagship potential and start-ups as the fuel for future success in the marketplace. Public policies do show very good intention, but our grade would be B minus. Let’s now work together, governments and companies of all sizes and origins to advance Canada’s competitive innovation rankings. “

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