December 3, 2018

The Evolution of Policing and Its Professionalization with Dr. Michael Verro of Excelsior College – Register Today for Live Video Podcast

On December 12 at 1:00 p.m. EST, join a live video broadcast featuring Dr. Michael Verro, Senior Faculty Program Director for criminal justice in the School of Undergraduate Studies at Excelsior College in Albany, NY, as he is joined by eCrime Cyber Council member Valarie Findlay, Research Fellow, Police Foundation (U.S.), and Kevin Wennekes, Chief Business Officer for CATAAlliance, as they discuss the history of change in the need for formal education among law enforcement, the major advancements in current education practices, and how education and institutions will need to adapt to address future needs.

This webcast will feature the sharing of a formal PowerPoint presentation followed by a live Q&A and will be of interest to:
  • Canadian law enforcement training academies, institutes, universities and colleges
  • Law enforcement executives interested in current and future impacts on training
  • Law enforcement human resource department teams
  • Other public safety/government agencies focused on training and capacity building
  • Private sector innovators involved in providing educational/training- based services or solutions

How to Register

Contact Kevin Wennekes at indicating your interest in participating and access preference i.e. video, telephone, livestream.


  • Limited 45 spaces available to join the live conversation
  • Those able to join using video interface will be given priority consideration
  • Telephone only access and live-streaming viewing options also available: no limit to number of livestream participants
  • No cost for CATA members or active members of the policing community
  • $195 access fee for all others

About Dr. Michael Verro

Dr. Michael Verro is the Senior Faculty Program Director for criminal justice in the School of Undergraduate Studies at Excelsior College in Albany, N Y. He is a former police officer, and during his two-decade long career worked as a patrolman, major crimes investigator, DEA Drug Task Force narcotics agent, and defensive tactics instructor at the police academy. Dr. Verro received the Distinguished Service Award and Distinguished Unit Service Award from the Burlington Police Department in 1992. He specializes in criminal justice and psychology; specifically, the psychosocial motivation of career choice for law enforcement officers.

Dr. Verro received his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Saint Michael’s College, and his PhD in Academic Psychology from Walden University. After leaving the field of law enforcement, he began his academic career as a faculty member with Champlain College, the Community College of Vermont, Burlington College, Middlebury College, and Empire State College before joining Excelsior College in 2009. His publications include journal articles, a textbook, edited book chapters, and numerous newspaper articles including the New York Daily News. He has appeared on Channel 6 News in Albany, The Fifth Estate in Canada, and has been involved in numerous podcasts and webinars. He has worked as a consultant, and external academic reviewer of several criminal justice programs.

Dr. Verro is currently President of the Criminal Justice Educator’s Association of New York State. He is also a former member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, The National Sheriff’s Association, and the International Police Association.

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