November 30, 2018

DON’T LET GO CANADA, CATA Partnered Competitive Innovation Advocacy, Sign the Petition


Dear Community members,

Our CATA CEO, John Reid, spoke at the Canada Space Forum as part of advancing an important CATA partnered advocacy campaign, #DON’T LET GO CANADA, and we are now asking you to sign the petition to secure Canada’s place in space.

To understand the reasons for the Campaign, join MDA Group President, Mike Greenley for a 3 minute CATA TECH NOW interview on Space Leadership for Canada.

We have moved from an 8th place ranking in Space spending in 1992 (as a share of GDP) to an 18th place ranking today, thus we are losing out on the development and sale of space technologies, or missing out on one of the cores to Canada’s future innovation ecosystem and competitiveness.

We need to reverse that downward spiral which will accelerate unless we take strong actions to reverse the trend, by developing a long-term, fully-funded space strategy for Canada.

#DON’T LET GO CANADA is fully aligned with the CATA Competitive Innovation Nation campaign and its core planks aimed at boosting Canada’s innovation and competitive rankings.

Please add your name to the e petition and then share at this URL:


Russ Roberts, Sr. VP Advocacy, Tax & Finance

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Call to Action!

  • Executives interested in working with CATAAlliance to help advance innovation and competitiveness advocacy, should contact CATA CEO, John Reid at
  • Click here to send an email to your Member of Parliament to ask them to support the Space Campaign. It is quick, easy and very important. Parliamentarians need to know that their constituents care about Canada’s role in space and need to share these views with the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development
  • Please post the Space Campaign communique to your social media and reach out to your peers asking them to support the mission
  • Add your crowdfunding support to help advance the Space Campaign: