June 2, 2018

CATA CEO to Chair Data Regulation Panel at DATA DAY 5.0 as CATA expand its competitive innovation nation advocacy

Open Data Advocacy

Ottawa, ON…CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group, announced an expansion of its competitive innovation advocacy into data regulation.

To kickstart this advocacy, CATA CEO, John Reid will Chair a Data Regulation Panel at the now sold out DATA DAY 5.0, a CATA partnered event, hosted at Carleton University in Ottawa on June 5th.

Mr. Reid’s panel will include: David Fewer, Legal Council, CIPPIC (Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic), Danil Zburivsky, Director of Big Data and Data Science, Pythian, Marija Mijalkovic, Advanced Computing Solutions Technical Specialist, IBM Canada, Peter Pulsifer, Research Scientist, National Snow and Ice Data Center, and, Craig Burkett, Data Scientist, Lixar IT. 

Reid said, “ Businesses must protect the personal data and privacy of our citizens for all forms of transactions. And non-compliance can prove to be very costly. At the same time, data has to be open to afford opportunities for companies to create new and better products and services based on data analysis and analytics, including the full deployment of AI.”

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