February 28, 2018

Media Advisory – Cyber Security reacts to Budget 2018 and Cyber Defence priorities

Date:  February 28, 2018
Media Contact:  Katherine Thompson
Mobile: 647.202.0624
Email:  kthompson@cata.ca

Toronto, ON –  For those within the Canadian cyber security industry, there was much interest and anticipation as to what the government would outline in terms of cyber defence priorities and spending. While there are still further details required as it relates to the refreshed National Cyber Security Strategy, initial reaction to what was provided has been swift.

Imran Ahmad – Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

  • The most notable announcement is the creation of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (“CCCS”) which will be tasked of being the primary contact for “advice, guidance, services and support” for Canadian businesses.
  • While the initial commitment for $155.2 over five years is modest, at least there’s a minimal commitment for ongoing funding which shows a long-term commitment.
  • A lot will depend on what the CCCS actually does and how quickly it can be stood up.  Being the primary point of contact, it will be interesting to see if the CCCS will have the bandwidth to keep up with the demand.
  • It will also be interesting to see how much of the CCCS’s work will be focused public versus private sector support.
  • It would have been nice if the Government outlined the timeline for setting up the CCCS.
  • The National Cybercrime Coordination Unit is also a good initiative and one which all levels of law enforcement will welcome.  It is unclear whether the public reporting mechanism will be mandatory and whether businesses will have obligations to report a cybercrime to both the NCCU and CCCS. 
  • Overall, these announcements are positive and are backed by multi-year investments.  It also highlights to a certain extent that Canada is playing “catch-up” in terms of cybersecurity. 

John Proctor, CEO Martello Technologies

The key piece missing is the overarching strategy. We are throwing money at the ‘problem’, without truly articulating what the problem is, so hopefully that will come next week.  The solutions in the budget were very Government delivery focussed (i.e. money for the Govt)…there were no incentives to the private sector to develop talent or become more secure. There was large absence of anything on growing the cyber talent pool.”

Steve Waterhouse, CISSP and Cyber Security Specialist

My biggest concern is that only big companies and agencies will be touching that big budget for IT Security, making less available to the needing workers for training opportunities in various industries. Could grants / studying programs be put in place to train workers / people in general? Like community programs?”

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