January 22, 2018

The Varying and Global Perspectives of the Cyber Skills Gap

Media Release


January 22, 2018

Media Contact: Katherine Thompson
Mobile: 647.202.0624
Email: kthompson@cata.ca

The Varying and Global Perspectives of the Cyber Skills Gap

Toronto, ON – CATA Cyber, in its effort to support the development of Canada’s cyber security industry, is looking to engage a variety of perspectives on Canada’s cyber security labour market—the opportunities, the challenges, current state and what needs to be done to ensure a prosperous future state.

“We see the labour market as a foundational piece of Canada’s future success from both an innovation and organizational security perspective” says Katherine Thompson, Chair of CATA’s Cyber Council. “We not only need to better understand current state but we need to be able to articulate a strong future state so that Canadian youth embrace this industry as a career choice with endless opportunities” adds Thompson.

The proposed web series will feature varying perspectives on the industry including:

  • Secondary and post-secondary students
  • Experienced cyber security professionals
  • Enterprise level employers
  • Small business owners
  • Government employers – all levels of government
  • Military veterans
  • Policing
  • Those looking to transition their skills into the cyber security market
  • Academia
  • Global program leaders – those outside of Canada tackling the labour gap issue
  • Canadian cyber security innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Women and girls: current and future digital innovators, entrepreneurs and executives
  • those living with disabilities

This professionally produced series is slated to launch in Q2 of this year. We are currently looking for those looking to participate as both program partners and interview participants. The series will be made available through various CATA media channels.

To learn more, please contact Katherine Thompson – kthompson@cata.ca