January 12, 2018

CATA Calls on its Innovation Networks to Set Canada’s Cyber Security Industry Priorities

Terry Matthews (top) with CATA CEO, John Reid

Toronto, ON –
CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation lobby group, is reaching out to its innovation networks with a call for guidance on setting the priorities and agenda for achieving Canadian cyber security and public safety leadership.

CATA  CEO, John Reid said, “ We are updating CATA’s competitive innovation nation platform; policies supporting the Canadian Cyber Security industry are front and centre as we wait for the federal government to put forward a revised national cyber security strategy.”

CATA spokesperson, Terry Matthews, Founder & Chair, Wesley Clover observed, “ There is guarded optimism that this revised strategy will deliver next steps for addressing growing cyber security risks.”

Foundational Work

CATA’s Cyber Council has created a foundation of collaboration, dialogue and consensus among its members and key stakeholders from government, industry and academia, a foundation that includes:

  • CATA Cyber Mandate focusing on labour & skills market development, economic prosperity for Canada through the advancement of the cyber security industry and productive & profitable Public-Private Partnerships.  
  • Partnership with Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) to pilot apprenticeship program providing military veterans with jobs in the cyber and security industries.
  • Creation of a Professional Institute forging training, research & development and innovation commercialization through affiliations with academia, industry and government; and,
  • Partnerships and research with industry associations to create ecosystem to support innovation through access to capital, international markets and advanced skills training. 

Matthews concluded, “ I travel all over the world and the topic of cyber security is top of mind with government and industry leaders who are looking to not only protect their citizens  but equally important to capitalize on market opportunities. We need to support the development of this industry in Canada to ensure global leaders are looking to Canada for innovation, skilled labour and as an ideal place to create new technologies and solutions. ”

Engage with the Cyber Security Mission

Please contact Katherine Thompson, Chair, CATA Cyber Council at kthompson@cata.ca to confirm your interest in engaging with us to advance Canadian Cyber Security and/or to provide your guidance on the priorities and agenda for advocacy purposes.

Please add your commentaries to items posted on CATA’s Cyber Security & Public Safety Forum, moderated by Ms. Thompson and including 635 opt in members who are now sharing information and resources.

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