April 24, 2018

Join RCMP Chief Superintendent Jeff Adam For A Special Public Safety & Cyber Security Update at CATA’s 33rd Annual Innovation Gala (May 15th, Ottawa): See How to be Part of the Mission!

At CATA’s 31st Annual
Canadian Advance Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) Leadership & Award Gala, Chief Superintendent Jeff Adam, Director General of RCMP Technical Investigation Services, was presented with the first-ever Weology Leadership Award by John Reid, President and CEO of CATAAlliance.

The Weology Leadership Award, recognizes a private or public sector executive who has created an organizational culture in which individuals have the means to truly thrive and succeed, be happy in their work and feel fulfilled. The honouree fosters a culture that supports giving a voice to all team members, regardless of position or title.

Mr. Adam returns this year for a special briefing to the 2018 Gala attendees on CATA partnered initiatives to advance Canada’s public safety and security leadership for all citizens.

Organizations and key executives (providers of technologies, services and public policy advocacy) with an interest in multiple public safety, advanced security, cybercrime and cybersecurity initiatives now underway and planned should contact Kevin Wennekes at kwennekes@cata.ca for an update briefing, including venues for participating in advancing the mission.

About Chief Superintendent Jeff Adam

C/Supt., DG Technical Investigation Services, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Jeff Adam completed 14 years of operational policing in New Brunswick, duties included General Investigation, Highway Patrol, Commercial Crime and Technological Crime Investigations. Soon after being transferred to Ottawa in 2002, he was asked to form the RCMP’s Performance Management Unit (PMU) to bring the in Balanced Scorecard and link it to the RCMP’s business planning cycle.

The PMU was instrumental in achieving the Hall of Fame award from the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and was featured in the Harvard Business Review. When the 2007 Task force on Governance and Cultural Change in the RCMP was announced, he was chosen to lead the RCMP team in their support.

Following the report, he was assigned to lead the RCMP writing team responding to the Government’s Strategic Review. He then took on the position of the Director of the RCMP’s National Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering Programs. He then moved to Technical Operations in charge of Strategic Services, and then to his current job, DG of Technical Investigation Services in Technical Operations in Ottawa. He oversees all the technical investigative support areas in the RCMP including wiretaps, surveillance, network intrusion, digital forensics, covert entry, cybercrime and the CBRNE program.

Mr. Adam has a B.Soc.Sc degree in Criminology (1985), a Masters in Business Administration (2002) and is a 2013 graduate of the Executive Development Program from the Canadian Police College. In his off time, Jeff teaches Shotokan Karate (Yondan) and is the President of the RCMP Curling Club and Curling Association.

About Technical Investigation Services

The RCMP’s Technical Investigation Services (TIS) provides leadership in the technology, techniques and systems used for lawful access by investigators and develops mechanical and electronic techniques for surveillance, entry. TIS also provides leadership in the technology and techniques of explosives disposal. In addition TIS provides analysts who conduct forensic examinations on both digital devices as well as audio and video recordings, and give expert testimony on the examinations for court purposes. This service is used primarily by RCMP investigators but is also available to Canadian and international police services.

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