July 18, 2018

Focus on Innovation Technologies, Relationships & Team Care with Roberta Fox, CEO & CTO, Crisis Services Canada

Focus on Innovation Technologies, Relationships & Team Care with Roberta Fox, CEO & CTO, Crisis Services Canada from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

In this CATA Gala video, Roberta Fox, CEO & CTO, Crisis Services Canada and winner, Wilfrid Laurier University Public Sector Leadership Award in Advanced Technology talks about the importance of innovation technologies, relationships and team caring, as keys to success. 

At CATA’s 33rd Annual Innovation & Leadership Gala, Award Winners and Sponsors were asked to focus, in less than one minute, on keys to success for sharing with the community.

CATA’s Leadership Awards Channel, now with 105 interviews, recognizes the talent of annual Gala Award Winners and Sponsors as part of bringing awareness to new, upcoming, and trending Canadian technology companies and organizations.

Crisis Services Canada (CSC)

  • In first seven months Canada Suicide Prevention Service (CSPS), as a new national suicide prevention and support service, has taken over 15,000 contacts, assisted over 2,750 service users go from distress to a calmer state.
  • CSC also completed over 185 active rescues (saved lives)
  • Their experienced suicide responders have also helped 75 people to not have to go to local emergency/health services, resulting in savings of $338K per occurrence, saving the Canadian health care system $25 million dollars.
  • Fyi, the CSPS average suicide prevention voice call costs us $35.70 to deliver, and a text/chat call costs $53.55, which is significantly less than other non-digital delivery mechanisms

Every dollar counts towards helping us continue to provide high quality next generation digital-enabled suicide prevention and support. Please donate at: http://www.crisisservicescanada.ca/en/donate/

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