January 31, 2018

CATA Gets a Chief Talent Officer: Focus on Developing Canada’s Human Resources Leadership

Ottawa, ON
…CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group is pleased to name David Perry, CEO, Perry-Martel International, as Chief Talent Officer with a mandate to advance Canadian human resources leadership as part of CATA’s competitive innovation nation agenda.

According to Mr Perry, “ The fresh thinking of a skilled leader has the potential to unleash innovation, empower employees, and generate wealth for the company. Similarly, a bad hire may mortally wound the organization and cause ripple effects throughout the entire economy. I have a passion to help create public policies to attract and keep best talent in Canada and to instill work cultures that help people reach their full potential.”

David Perry was recently interviewed on TechNOW’s Talent Matters Video Channel where he talks about the inconsistency between proposed Canadian federal tax policy and immigration policy. He will be providing a series of educational videos dealing with human resource challenges and opportunities.

About David Perry

A veteran of more than 1000 projects, David is a student of leadership and its effect on organizations ranging from private equity ventures and construction/engineering companies, to global technology corporations.  With a 99.97% success rate, he has closed 1000+ projects and personally negotiated in excess of $250M in salaries. His creative recruiting principles lead to him being nicknamed the ‘Rogue Recruiter’ by The Wall Street Journal.

David has built an extensive personal network of leading CEOs as well as up-and-coming future executives, permitting him to find the most qualified candidates to grow a company and increase shareholder value.

David is frequently quoted on trends and issues regarding executive search, recruiting and HR in leading business publications including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, Globe & Mail, WIRED, Operations World, Canadian Business, Computer World, EETimes, NetWork World, HR Today, and appears occasionally as an executive search and labor market analyst for CTV Television and CBC News World.

As Chief Talent Officer of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA), David will continue to develop an extensive knowledge of leadership, innovation and technology. This ever-evolving expertise keeps him at the pulse of most innovative and successful leaders.  

David graduated from McGill University in 1982 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Industrial Relations. As well, David Is a Commissioned Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, where he Graduated 1st in his class and was awarded the Sword of Honor. David is a recipient of the Top Forty Under 40 Award. He resides in Ottawa with his wife and business partner Anita Martel and four children. David recruits globally. He recently received the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Leadership for the 4.0 World
Watch for our new Op-Ed, authored by Mr. Perry, organizational thought leader Ron Weins, and CATA CEO, John Reid,  where we will gain insights into the fourth Industrial Revolution, often called Industry 4.0. While Western economies ruled the first three Industrial Revolutions, the economies that will dominate a 4.0 World are unknown. The future is up for grabs. The question is, what will the differentiator be for winning organizations?

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