September 25, 2018

CATA Op-Eds (Guidelines & Repository List)

Guidelines for Writing Your Op-Ed

CATA Op-Ed Guidelines: Advance Your Leadership Profile & Marketplace Visibility to Customers, Partners & Media

List of Op-Eds

Op-ed: Canada’s innovation policy agenda just doesn’t do it (Ottawa Business Journal)

Minister Bain’s ISED Supercluster Magic Math, a CATA Op-Ed: Charles Plant, Senior Fellow, the Impact Centre & CATA TECHNOW Analyst

Canada Becoming a Powerhouse in Artificial Intelligence (AI): Op-Ed, CEOs of CATA & Mindbridge Analytics Inc.

Leadership for an Industry 4.0 World: Op-Ed from CATA’s Chief Talent Officer

Prime Minister Trudeau’s Bad Balance Sheets are Bad News for Canada

Big Elephant on the Table regarding Women in Tech: Culture, A CATA Op-Ed by Cindy Gordon, National Spokesperson, CanWIT (Women in Tech)

New Security Threats in the Manufacturing Sector: Op-Ed, CATA VP, Jean-Guy Rens, acclaimed tech author & researcher

The ‘Uberization’ of work: Labour markets are evolving, so should the systems that support them

Superior Processes makes for Superior Business Brand: A CATA Op-Ed with Gerry Anderson, President, Logicon Solutions

5 UK Basic Principles to Keep Us Safe from AI – Canada Does Not Yet Have a Position – Why Not?

A New Story on Fairness: Op-Ed (Cindy Gordon, CanWIT spokesperson)

Declining Human Productivity in The Age of Distraction: CATA Op-Ed with Cindy Gordon, CEO, SalesChoice

Unlocking the Internet Value Chain: a CATA Op-Ed, Namir Anani, CEO, ICTC

A transformative approach to innovation: Op-Ed

Social Media Platforms & the Democratic Process: An Op-Ed

The One Thing Canadian CEOs Must Do to Ensure Future Success: CATA Op-Ed

What Role Does Truth Play for You?, a CATA Op-Ed, Peter Schwartz, Founder & Executive Chair, Kognitiv

IP for the benefit of all Canadians: An Op-Ed by CATA Sr. VP, Advocacy, Tax & Finance Dr. Russ Roberts

Canada, a Strategic Alliance Nation? by John Reid, President & CEO, CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group

Big + Small, Small + Big = Growth for All in an Interconnected World

Speed Shifting: Business at the Speed of Life

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