December 3, 2018

YES Canada to Adopting 5 All Party Election Platform Recommendations, Sign & Share the CATA E-Petition

Sign & Share the CATA E-Petition

Dear Community members,

Our CATAAlliance team is advancing important tax, finance and innovation advocacy and we need your help in amplifying key recommendations to decision makers.

All we are asking is that you take 30 seconds to sign an E-Petition called,“ YES Canada to Adopting 5 All Party Election Platform Recommendations.”

Please go to this URL:

Here are the 5 Recommendations:

(1) Recognize that while Canada remains strong in terms of the quality and impact of its scientific output, it is lagging further and further behind in its ability to commercialize that output and generate wealth

(2) Create a 21st Century Tax Commission focused on improving the nation’s support for innovation through fiscal measures, test all recommended measures through robust public consultations, and deliver a final report in twelve months

(3) Complete the SR&ED review with proposed improvements and then test them through robust public consultations

(4) Support current work on developing a modern IP (intellectual property) system with appropriate fiscal measures for IP exploitation in Canada and also provide assistance to cover some of the costs of the patent process

(5) Publish benchmarking metrics comparing Canada to other leading countries building innovative capacity.

Adopting these recommendations will bring us much closer to having a system of innovation in which government, universities and the private sector work more closely together to move from invention to commercially viable solutions. This will not only create jobs, retain our talent in Canada, but also provide more solid returns to Canadians.

Thank you for signing the E-Petition.


Russ Roberts, Sr. VP Advocacy, Tax & Finance

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