August 3, 2018

CATAAlliance Innovation Leadership Council (ILC): Call for Nominations & Expressions of Interest

“ The Council’s individual and collective leadership experience and knowledge support CATA’s competitive innovation agenda. Members/Advisors act as Champions of specific topics or Campaigns, such as, Health Care, Digital Adoption, A.i.,  Supply Chain management, Procurement legislation, Advanced Security & Public Safety, Cyber Security, Talent and Education, SR&ED Tax Credits, Venture Capital and International Market development.” (CATAAlliance)

CATAAlliance Innovation Leadership Council – Call for Nominations & Expressions of Interest

We are now inviting nominations and expressions of interest from community leaders in technology and innovation related roles to serve as members of the CATAAlliance Innovation Leadership Council (ILC). The Council is supported by a Management Team with a rich skill set in areas of social media, innovation research and public policy advocacy. It is one of the most powerful peer networks in Canada, offering direct opportunities  to connect with partners, customers and investors. All nominees are required to submit their resume and provide professional references to Nominations close at 5 pm EST on  September 14th, 2018 About the ILC

The ILC serves as an advisory body to provide guidance in relation to the implementation and operation of the CATA mandate to support the global competitiveness of its members and the advancement of Canada as a competitive Innovation Nation, in addition to offering a community peer network to assess needs, trends, and achievements.

It is made up of 18-36 members who are appointed for a term of two years for a maximum of two terms (4 years). ILC meetings are chaired by the CATA CEO, assisted by members of the management team. All applicants also have the opportunity to participate on CATA’s Advocacy Committees and as Community Leaders in their regions.Specific Roles
  • Lead and actively participate in CATA advocacy initiatives
  • Propose new ideas and engage in advocacy to advance Canada’s innovation and competitiveness rankings
  • Challenge ideas to lead to improved products and services
  • Lead and participate in Mentorship outreach to link seasoned executives with next generation leaders in all fields of endeavor with a focus on the technology sector
  • Spur continuous improvement in the development of themes and issues for local and national business networking and educational events
  • Identify and nurture partner and sponsor relationships to advance the CATA mandate
  • Create synergy in the building of relationships (e.g. – Springboard Enterprises) that educate, source, coach, showcase, and support high growth technology companies
  • Enhance communication between CATA members and stakeholders and CATA management
  • Breed new ideas and provide advice and guidance on the organization’s policies and programs relevant business growth and innovation success in Canada
  • Provide diverse points of view on the impact of programs and services in order to improve and measure member satisfaction
  • Provide advice on matters referred by CATA or raised as a result of member consultation


Individuals with have diverse backgrounds and rich expertise in Canada’s advanced technology community. Nominees should ideally have:

  • Experience in matters relating to Canada’s technology sector
  • Senior Management and/or Board experience
  • Sufficient time and/or employer support for a 1 hour conference call every 3 months and to attend in-person council meetings (once a year at the CATAAlliance Innovation Awards Gala in Ottawa)
  • The ability to discuss and analyze issues relevant to innovation and competitive success in Canada’s technology sector
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