May 1, 2018

Join the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Team to Advance Supportive Canadian Public Policies

“Public policy refers to decisions that our governments make about what they do or do not want to permit, and what they do or do not want to encourage. What public policies and risk frameworks are needed to advance AI for the benefit of all citizens?”

Developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have captured the imagination of millions of people. There are of driverless cars and AI systems beating Jeopardy champions.

Switch on your TV news and you see that Facebook is in a bit of difficulty because Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm with ties to President Trump, absconded with information from about 50 million Facebook users, perhaps without their permission.

But AI is not just in the news. It is used by search engines, GPS  navigation, and voice recognition for devices such as smartphones, Alexa, traffic sensors and even in our home appliances. Every day we interact with technologies made possible only by scientific research in AI.

Despite pervasive AI technology, there’s been too little discussion of one of the most important questions about our present and future with these technologies: what public policies and risk frameworks are needed to advance AI for the benefit of all citizens?

CATAAlliance has begun with adding AI to its Competitive Innovation Nation Advocacy program to accelerate our AI supercluster enablement. We have assembled a leadership team to advance AI advocacy:

Dr. Cindy Gordon, President & CEO, Saleschoice

Eli Fathi, CEO, Mindbridge

Cathy Cobey, Partner, EY

Fawn Annan, President, IT World Canada

John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance

Already developed are these AI resources:

  • A new AI Directory to help define key players in the global ecosystem, over 300 plus Canadians in AI, Data Sciences profiled, USA and China additions in place by June, plus AI Media News from IT World Canada
  • AI Video Channels, and Podcasts hosted by CATAAlliance, produced by EY & SalesChoice Inc.
  • A thought leadership Op-Ed series
  • AI Corporate CATAlog profiles to advance brand to customers, partners & media
  • An Outreach Network to AI Social Media Groups in Canada, key global markets & AI corporations
  • Branding of the AI Leader of the Year Award 
  • Access to exclusive webinars, white papers, podcasts, and interviews
  • Speaking engagements at key events

If you have AI resources to share, have an interest in joining our leadership team to help advance advocacy and/or wish to be interviewed for our AI video channels, please contact CATA CEO, John Reid at

A.I. Stakeholders can now add their profile to our new A.I. Directory.

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