June 6, 2018

AI Leader of the Year Award: Victor Anjos, Co-Founder & CTO, Data for Good

CATA CEO, John Reid (lt), Award winner, Victor Anjos, Past Dean, Graduate Studies, VP, Research, Carleton, John ApSimon (rt)

The new AI Leader of the Year Award is presented to an individual from the private or public sector in recognition of their role in advancing the frontiers of AI development in Canada. It is jointly sponsored by SalesChoice, CATAAlliance and IT World Canada.

The recipient demonstrates consistent leadership resulting in the creation and international acceptance of a world-class AI product and/or service that has solved a technology problem, achieved disruption of a service or market segment, or had significant traction in the global AI marketplace, created business value, efficiencies and cost savings, or improved services, through the use of AI and automation.

The AI Leader of the Year recognizes a community minded, thought leader who demonstrates engagement (e.g., keynote talks, advocacy, media interviews) in helping to improve Canada’s competitive business climate and the lives of our citizens.

The 2018 AI Leader of the Year Award was presented to Victor Anjos, Co-Founder & CTO, Data for Good at DATA DAY 5.0, held annually at the Carleton University Institute for Data Science (cuids@carleton.ca).

In accepting the Award, Victor emphasized the importance of community engagement for better societies and recognized the team at Data for Good for their support and intiative.

About Victor Anjos

Victor Anjos studied computer science, math and physics at the University of Toronto and quickly developed a career in hardware, networking engineering and IT security at places including SUN Microsystems, HSBC and Shaw Media.

He later transitioned to the startup world for companies such as TritonWear, DemandHub, iListMLS and TheBOGOApp.

Victor dedicates countless hours teaching his craft to the Toronto community, all while co-founding and running Data for Good, a not-for-profit with over 2,500 volunteers across Canada.

The Data for Good Canada organization maintains a notable and influential voice within a global, community minded and social issues focused movement – putting and keeping Canada’s place “on the map”.

Some of the partner names on Data for Good’s sphere of engagement include:

Second Harvest Toronto, UNICEF Canada, Calgary Distress Centre, Terry Fox Foundation, Ottawa Food Bank, Commuter Challenge, Calgary Foundation, Medecins du Monde, The Sentinel Project, Samara Canada, The Boys and Girls Club, Youth Services Bureau, Edmonton Community Foundation, Vancouver Overdose Prevention Society, Ten Oaks Project Ottawa, Raising the Roof Canada, Greenpeace Canada, Summerhill Impact, Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

Victor’s  five years of active involvement with Data for Good Canada, has enriched the lives of others, set a high standard for community service, and is marked by a significant contribution of  time and talents, all in the name of civic and charitable causes.

CATA CEO, John Reid and Carleton University Executive, John ApSimon said, “Through Victor, we are inspired as leaders (and as volunteers) to contribute our skills to Canadian civic and charitable causes. Victor’s outstanding contributions to his community, both as a technology leader and as a Canadian, makes him an ideal choice for AI Leader of the Year Award.”

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