August 11, 2018

AI: What Does It Mean for Businesses & for Canada?: Leon Katsnelson, Award Winning Author (Video Podcast)

It is almost impossible to talk about technology without artificial intelligence (AI) coming up in a conversation. Human-replacing robots and doomsday scenarios are the popular lore. But what is AI, what promise or threat does it hold, how do you get ready for AI and can you start applying AI to today?

Join Leon Katsnelson, IBM’s director and chief technology officer for strategic partnerships and data science ecosystem, for a comprehensive AI briefing (35 minutes) to gain insights for your business and for advancing Canadian AI leadership. CATA members and crowdfunding supporters can request a viewing password by sending an email to CATA CEO, John Reid, at

Canada can’t outspend competitors like China and the United States, so it needs to “outsmart” them, he said, arguing for the need to do more to encourage AI start-ups – “our start-ups are second to none”.

“Today, data is largely controlled by huge Internet companies,” Katsnelson said, noting that without data there is no AI. “We need to figure how to free up more data so that AI can thrive.” He suggested that Blockchain and the spread of digital sensors will provide sources of data that can challenge the Internet giants.

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About Leon Katsnelson 

Award winning international speaker and a published author, Leon Katsnelson is always up on the cutting edge of technology trends. As Director and CTO of IBM Strategic Partnerships for Data Science, Leon leads a team of Data Scientists focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Big Data and other applications of Cognitive technologies in all areas of human endeavor. Leon is a strategic adviser to a number of startup helping disrupt technology laggards with new business models based on blockchain, Internet of Things and AI.

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