March 25, 2017

Women Board Members in Technology Companies: Strategies for Building Diverse High Performing Boards: New Study: Join the Mission!

CanWIT (Women in Tech) would like to share with members and supporters a new study, authored by Vell entitled:
Women Board Members in Technology Companies: Strategies for Building Diverse High Performing Boards. The report takes an in-depth view at the topic. The resulting facts and figures suggest specific recommendations for creating greater diversity.

You can now download this study (permission required) at Please contact Cathi Malette, CanWIT coordinator at for your password.


This report looks at an ecosystem of companies to determine opportunities and bottlenecks. Three  key factors are examined: company size, industry sector and the number of insiders.

400 companies have at least one woman on their board; but 30 percent of tech companies have zero women on their boards, and 66% have zero or one woman on their boards. In stark contrast, less than 12 percent have three or more women on their boards — the minimum number of women required to correlate with greater company performance.

The smaller the companies, the fewer women board members. Companies in the $100 million to $500 million revenue size have 216 women board seats versus 1,662 male seats. Nearly all companies with over $5 billion in revenue have at least one woman…

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