August 16, 2017

Women Investing in Women with Trish Costello, CEO, Portfolia: a CanWIT (Women in Tech)/Women Investing in Women Partnership

Women Investing in Women with Trish Costello, CEO, Portfolia from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

In this video, brought to you through a CanWIT (Women in Tech) and Women Investing in Women partnership, Trish Costello, CEO of Portfolia, speaks to the power of women investors in equalizing the investment opportunities afforded to businesses that are founded and run by women entrepreneurs. As a professional in the investment community, Ms Costello also discusses the confidence gap that comes from the imagined versus real amount of knowledge that women investors possess today. She also provides insightful perspectives on why it is so important to assist young women getting started in business early on to jump start their success. More info at

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