January 10, 2017

Women led Health Care Enterprises Now Invited to Springboard’s Health Innovation Hub: CATA’s Mobile Health Care Division fulfills mandate


Springboard’s Health Innovation Hub is a collaboration platform advancing the growth of digital health and life science companies led by women with significant potential for investment and partnerships. In order to confirm your interest in the Hub, please review the briefing note below and then contact John Reid, CATA CEO & member, Springboard Enterprises Canadian Council at jreid@cata.ca

Health Innovation Hub 2017 (Briefing Note)
Springboard Enterprises (Washington, D. C., US)
Re: Women-led drugs, diagnostics, pharma tech, and drug-delivery devices
Apply no later than Feb 6 ’17

Springboard’s Health Innovation Hub is a program for women-led companies seeking growth funding and expert connections to develop solutions in healthcare, including new drugs, diagnostics, pharma technologies, and medical devices. Those selected for the program will be matched with a personal advisory team of experts and invited to participate in several in-person and virtual sessions, workshops, and presentation opportunities.  

Beyond the program, Springboard continues to serve as a relentless advocate, supporter, and connector for its entrepreneurs, while fostering opportunities to do business with our global advisors and alumnae.

Applications are accepted globally from women-led companies raising capital in the next 12-18 months and commercializing new drugs, diagnostics, and technologies that impact the way drugs are developed and delivered.

Since 2000, Springboard Enterprises has served as a resource hub of influencers, investors and innovators engaged in helping women build big businesses starting small. We are a non-profit 501c3 organization based locally in the USA but acting globally to accelerate women entrepreneurs’ access to growth capital, and place great emphasis on collaborating with other business and entrepreneurial organizations, academic institutions, government offices and corporations to deliver results.

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