November 2, 2017

Vametric, an evolution in evidence management

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Contact: Robert Smart, Founder & CEO
Market: Evidence Management & Competency Validation

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 an evolution in evidence management

Vametric, through its groundbreaking VALID-8 platform provides simple, defensible evidence management at the highest possible level for any process through its criteria based engine. The system also effectively manages any learning associated with filling any identified competency gaps. Its radical yet proven technology is a evolution in assessment and validation capabilities. Patented technology like its cutting edge time-linked video evidence provides unparalleled levels of legal defensible accountability.

Additional features include automated plans, document highlight linking, embedded learning content and automated cross-referencing which is proving to be a game changer in providing proof that skills and safety have been met without it being implied or inferred.

Used by some of the world’s largest companies, it has been proven to exceed human rights on fairness of assessment, measure risk, competence, compliance, safety and employability (Prior learning) at a fraction of the time and costs to traditional technologies.

Noteable are partnerships with organisations such as RM (Research Machines), BT (British Telecom), Co-Op, HK Ed City (Hong Kong), Crystal Clear Tech (Canada), Qualifi (International Awarding body) have allowed us to provide some of the leading branded solutions to the industry – BT Achieve, BT Jigsaw, Co-Op, NIKE, BodyCare and PaperFree – just to name a few.VALID-8 is a culmination of 20 years experience as the world’s premier evidence management solutions provider. No one in the world has been doing this as long as we have.

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