April 16, 2017

Global Ecosystem StartUp Report Looks at the Ecosystem of Companies for Opportunities and Bottlenecks: Join the Mission!

Alliance would like to share with members and supporters a new report, authored by Startup Genome, entitled: Global Ecosystem StartUp Report 2017.

The 152 page study draws on the experiences and insights of 92 cities around the world to codify how ecosystems function and evolve by quantifying the factors that shape their performance, and identifying the public policies and private practices that can accelerate growth. It looks at an ecosystem of companies to determine opportunities and bottlenecks.  

You can now download this material now (permission required) at
http://tinyurl.com/m6vu8c2 Please contact CATA at info@cata.ca for your password.


The global ecosystem assessment framework can helpful in answering strategic questions related to location.

For startup leaders:  Where should I form my tech startup in order to maximize my chances of building a global success?  Where should I open a second office and move a company function, taking advantage of another ecosystem’s strengths,and compensating for weaknesses in my original ecosystem?

For investors, support organizations, advisors, and others:  How can I help address the ecosystem’s weaknesses?  For example, seeing a funding gap, an angel investors might reach out to and co-invest with investors from other ecosystems, raising the likelihood that startups can raise a Series A round later. What are the factor gaps we need to work together to solve?

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