June 19, 2017

Russ Roberts, CATA Sr. VP, Advocacy met with Tara Cosgrove, Director General, Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit program (SR&ED)

SR&ED Consultation Meeting with CRA

Russ Roberts, CATA Sr. VP, Advocacy met with Tara Cosgrove, Director General in charge of Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit program (SR&ED) as part of CATA’s ongoing meetings with key officials to address marketplace issues and concerns. Dr. Roberts also moderates a SR&ED Social Group, now with 1450 opt in members: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3246301

Members and/or supporters wishing a meeting update and who may SR&ED questions, should contact CATA CEO,
John Reid, to book a briefing session with Dr. Roberts by phone or video conference.

About Tara Cosgrove, Director General in charge of Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit program

Ms. Cosgrove – who is not a CPA – was formerly director of program services for the Canadian Border Services Agency (c. 2009) and CRA corporate secretary (c. 2014). A cursory review of publicly available information suggests corporate communications were significant components of her duties in these positions. Ms. Cosgrove replaces Lucie Bergevin (c. 2012-2016) who left the SR&ED Director General post in mid-2016. Prior to heading the SR&ED program, Ms. Bergevin – a CPA – was DG of the International and Large Business Directorate where she was responsible for enforcing Canadian tax compliance of multinational corporations, international transactions and the mitigation of aggressive tax planning.

After Ms. Bergevin’s departure from the post in mid-2016, Hélène Marquis served as acting DG of SR&ED until Ms. Cosgrove’s appointment. Ms. Marquis had been Director of the Policy Development Division where she lead the policy review project (started 2010) which in December 2012 released 22 new SR&ED policy guidance documents. Many observers view these new policy documents as setting out a definition of SR&ED eligibility that is overly narrow as compared to what is intended by the legislation 1, 2. As of this writing, Ms. Marquis left the CRA for a senior position with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

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