February 6, 2017

Robotics, A.I. and Next Generation of ICT Sourcing Highlighted at New Toronto Conference

Sourcing Decisions 2017

Toronto, Ontario:

The rush among corporations to adopt artificial intelligence and robotics is being done without proper consideration of risk, according to organizers of a new conference called ‘Sourcing Decisions 2017’ which will premiere in Toronto, Ontario Canada on March 2, 2017.

The conference will feature a series of panel discussions and presentations from some of the leading minds in North American enterprise ICT procurement, sourcing and vendor management – and chief among the topics will be an examination of the real impact of robotics and automation. “Our goal is to help decision-makers become smarter about how to use these tools to increase efficiency and dramatically reduce the cost of operations, while minimizing exponential levels of risk,” says Kirk Laughlin, content director of Sourcing Decisions 2017, who is also managing director of U.S.-based business media group, Nearshore Americas.

The conference will also feature discussions on the following topics:

  • New Models that Support Third-Party Sourcing
  • Customer Engagement in the New Era of Omnichannel
  • Smarter Vendor Management
  • Nearshore (Latin America and Caribbean) Partner Strategies
  • Toronto Rising: Centre of Global Tech
  • Sourcing Role in Managing Big Data
  • New Economic Roadmap for the United States and Canada

Sourcing Decisions 2017 is designed to meet U.S. and Canadian enterprise business, IT and finance leaders where they are today – wrestling with complex issues and varied pressures to align resources so their enterprises can thrive. In acknowledging the outdated nature of traditional ‘outsourcing’, the conference will spearhead a ‘next-generation’ dialogue on global sourcing by more sharply defining how global IT, business-process and country partners can assist in achieving better outcomes for customers and investors. We also begin 2017 with a new president and a new agenda in the United States, disrupting a series of cornerstone assumptions around the stability of trade and economics between the U.S. and Canada. We will look at how this will manifest across the global services industry.

Finally, our conference looks to highlight the momentum of the Greater Toronto Area in achieving global recognition as a technology hub, and how it is positioned to strengthen technology-related partnership development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Speakers include:

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER – David Watt, Chief Economist HSBC
  • Allison Sagraves, Chief Data Officer, M&T Bank
  • Linda Tuck Chapman, former Chief Procurement Officer Bank of Montreal
  • Tim Norton, Director, Vendor Management, UPS
  • Shannon Burch, Head of Contact Center Sales Engagement, ScotiaBank
  • Fabiano Rosa, Consultant, PwC Canada
  • Sandy MacLeod, Chief Operating Officer, Print, Star Media Group
  • Chris Lord, Global Head and Founding Leader, HGS DigiCX
  • Peter Ryan, Principal, Ryan Strategic Advisory
  • Lynda Arsenault, International Trade and Business Consultant
  • Kirk Laughlin, Managing Director, Nearshore Americas
  • Vivion Scully, Consul, Jamaica Trade and Invest (JAMPRO)


For more information and to register for Sourcing Decisions 2017 visit: www.sourcingdecisions.com

Sponsorship information can be obtained by reaching Kirk Laughlin at Kirk@nextcoastmedia.com

General information can be obtained by reaching Nichole Bernard at nichole@nicholeleeevents.com.