December 23, 2017

Smart City Insights with George Molakal, Co-Chair, Smart Cities Initiative (SCI) GPS

Smart City Insights with George Molakal, Co-Chair, Smart Cities Initiative (SCI) GPS from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Gain insights into the benefits of developing Smart Cities and barriers to their implementation from CATA CEO’s video interview with Mr. George Molakal, Managing Director, Global Innovation & Digital Transformation. Mr. Molakal, is Co-Chair, Smart Cities Initiative (SCI) GPS. He is also the CEO of ALCOR Fund Inc. and a recognized global entrepreneur, dealmaker and investor.

In the News:

George Molakal


  • An Alumnus of Harvard Business School and Oxford University.
  • Completed 30+ cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions transactions: US & India, MENSEA & China.
  • Aside from special expertise in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, involved in private equity and venture capital transactions, executing billion dollar buyout transactions.
  • Has been working with the Government, Public Sector, WHO, NGO’s and Private Sector entities in industries which include Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Engineering Services and HR Solutions.
  • Brought about new perspectives on corporate strategy and management through his “Cubei” model of multi-company governance, Strategy 360, MBi takeover, Global foundation pillars, 12 block business picture framework, and the disruptive model.
  • Fellow of Ashoka Innovators for the Public (Arlington, Virginia).
  • Industry speaker who has presented at the Euro Summit, Global Partnership Summit and various forums across the world including those hosted by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, ICC, Chicago Chamber of Commerce, Fairfax County, etc.

CATA conversations with thought leaders who will inspire new ways for rural areas to match urban advances, and for urban centres to leapfrog their global rivals. Our mission is to create world-class Smart Cities through embracing best practices around the globe and to define opportunities to sell technologies and solutions to the high growth Smart City marketplace.

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