April 22, 2017

CATA Co-Authors Popular Book on Smart Cities; Ottawa Leads Global Examples


Smart Economy in Smart Cities” –  a reference book on how 13 global cities are being re-imagined using digital applications – is now being read world-wide, according to publisher Springer Press.  Springer is a leading publisher of scientific journals; the book was co-written by CATA EVP Barry Gander and a team of colleagues in Ottawa.

“The chapter on Ottawa opens the book,” said CATA President John Reid.  “Ottawa is the capital city of the country that created the communications age: the telephone was invented in Canada, the world’s first long-distance call was made in Canada, we had the first domestic communications satellite – the first transmission was a hockey game – and the first digital communications exchange.  Ottawa is a hotbed of innovation and social progress; we are delighted that other countries see us leading by example.” The book covers ten countries on four continents.

“The book “Smart Economy in Smart Cities”, although very expensive and a 1100-page volume, is surprisingly very popular,” said Editor Vinod Kumar. “Making communities smart with the triple helix model of Government-Academia and Business community is the answer to smart economic development.”  

Barry said that CATA’s interest in Smart Cities goes beyond technology:  “Creating a Smart Community is a collaborative effort that requires as much social energy as it does technological expertise.  If the people have not been engaged, the new technology will fail.”

The Ottawa example features two unique tools: the pioneering c-FIT metric created by Sorin Cohn, President of BD Consulting, that measures the value of innovation, and the i-Community Open Architecture (i-COA) model of five measures determining a city’s development, from i-Canada President Bill Hutchison, member of the CATA Innovation Leadership Council.

A Smart Community is one where the widespread use of digital applications leads to higher economic growth, better education and health, and a sustainable community. The other cities studied include St. Louis, Stuttgart, Bologna, Cape Town, Nairobi, Dalar, Lagos, New Delhi, Varanasi, Vijayawada, Kozhikode, and Hong Kong.

Barry is Co-Founder of i-Canada and Atlantic-based i-Valley.  Contributors to the Ottawa chapter include Bruce Lazenby, Charles Duffet, Greg Richards, Mark Hoddenbagh, Mark Kristmanson, Ritch Dusome, Sarah Linkletter, and Sorin Cohn.  The Forward in the book was written by another Canadian, Dr. Patricia McCarney, President and CEO of the World Council on City Data; the Council publishes the first ISO standard on Smart Cities.

Smart Economy in Smart Cities” can be obtained at:

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