June 1, 2017

Shared Services Canada (SSC’s) Information Technology and Infrastructure Plan — Final 73 Page Report Offers Valuable Insights

would like to share with members and supporters a comprehensive report on Shared Services Canada (SSC’s) Information Technology and Infrastructure Plan.

The 72 page report focusses on: New priorities and trends;  recommendations from the 2015 Auditor General’s report on improving service delivery, project management, financial management and regular reporting of progress and systems health; recommendations from parliamentary committees, and; recommendations from an independent review panel.

You can download this material now (permission required) at https://tinyurl.com/y9cz78va
 Please contact CATA CEO, John Reid at jreid@cata.ca  for your password.

Executive Summary

The consultations targeted five distinct stakeholder groups: SSC employees, Government of Canada employees, young federal public servants, industry representatives, and Canadians. Stakeholders were tasked with offering input to inform SSC on revisions to its IT Infrastructure Transformation Plan and 2016-2017 update.

The objectives of the consultations were to: 1. Raise awareness among target audiences of the updated direction and plans to transform the Government of Canada’s IT infrastructure; and 2. Gather feedback directed at refining and improving the IT Infrastructure Transformation Plan.

This executive summary presents key findings, organized by stakeholder group as a whole, and lists several observations based on a comprehensive analysis of the data. In total, over 2,500 data contributions were submitted online (i.e., online portal, webinars, or Twitter) or in person (i.e., round tables with industry or in-person at webinars), and over 22,000 unique visitors accessed the portal. The e-workbook activity, from which the bulk of data was derived, generated 639 e-workbook submissions. Each e-workbook was a compilation of four open-ended questions, on average, resulting in over 2,400 individual responses to key questions posed by SSC. Proportionally, 52% of contributions were from SSC employees, 33% of contributions were from other Government of Canada departments or agencies, and the remainder were from Canadians and public input.

The volume of data contributions can be considered to be far greater. There were multiple individuals involved with single submissions (e.g., most industry email submissions represented an entire company; some webinar submissions represented work units). The breadth of feedback directed towards the IT Infrastructure Transformation Plan reflects the importance held by the varying stakeholders to build and support Canada’s IT infrastructure.

Overall, stakeholders felt that the Government of Canada IT Infrastructure Transformation Plan had “got it right.” Stakeholders valued the opportunity to provide input in what was labelled as “the largest Canadian merger of its kind in Canada,” and “as the most complex and challenging transformations,” that was otherwise, “unprecedented.” The pathway to completion, however, requires careful considerations and greater detail, as noted by all stakeholder groups.

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