October 6, 2017

Consultation meeting with the Senate national finance committee: Call for community guidance on tax reform

Senate national finance committee consultation
On October 16th, we continue CATA advocacy with a consultation meeting with the Senate national finance committee created to study the federal government’s contentious tax reforms.

Michel Coderre, Tax Lawyer, Entrepreneur, member, CATA Innovation Leadership Council and recognized innovation advocate who will present, shares his thoughts on the impact (see video) of the proposed federal tax changes with CATA CEO, John Reid.

If you have specific guidance to provide, please contact CATA CEO, John Reid, at jreid@cata.ca


The Senate national finance committee is going to study the potential impacts of  the federal government’s contentious tax reforms, and senators say it’s a chance to cut through the rhetoric and get to the bottom of the potential impacts of the Liberals’ proposal.

The committee will be studying the changes to income sprinkling, passive investments, and converting income into capital gains. As well, the motion asks the committee to make note of the potential impact of the proposed changes on incorporated small businesses and professionals, economic growth and government finances, and the fairness of taxation of different types of income.

The  deadline to complete the study and report back to the Senate is November 30th.

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