April 28, 2017

Lazaridis Institute teams up with CATA to call for participation in the Hockeystick national scale-up data platform: Incubators, accelerators, scale-ups and startups

Please review the details of the new ‘Hockeystick’ National Scale-Up Data Platform  then confirm your participation interest with
Sarah Burt, Associate Director of Marketing,Lazaridis Institute for the Management  of Technology Enterprises, Wilfrid Laurier University at sburt@wlu.ca or apply directly to ‘Hockeystick’  today at no cost.


“Our goal  is to capture, standardize, streamline and make accessible the rich data from innovation organizations across the country, as part of a building a stronger Canada through the growth of more internationally competitive Canadian enterprises”
 (Micheál Kelly, dean of the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics)

The platform will provide an effective tool for resource-strapped startups and scale-ups to find programs and apply for funding opportunities in less time than it takes now. The platform is intended to make it easier for accelerators to identify startups that meet their program parameters, and to provide provincial and federal governments with requisite detailed metrics.

The platform will capture comprehensive, standardized data, facilitating application, selection and reporting processes for a wide variety of programs, and will provide a direct feedback loop to its users over a secure network.

Users will have the option to share private data in order to gain visibility with potential sources of support and investment with no added cost in time or effort.

For the full news release, please  visit: https://www.wlu.ca/news/news-releases/2017/april/hockeystick-lazaridis-institute-launch-national-scale-up-data-platform-to-help-canadian-companies-grow.html   

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