November 14, 2017

Workforce Engagement at The Savoy Hotel: CATA’s Talent Matters Video Channel

Workforce Engagement at The Savoy Hotel: Talent Matters! from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Join us for a 2 minute video on The Savoy with a focus on how a world leading hotel sought to improve employee engagement.

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Video Overview:

World renowned luxury hotel, The Savoy, wanted to improve its employee experience in order to increase workforce engagement, staff loyalty and productivity. The objective was to align the experiences of its employees with those offered to the hotel’s elite customer base.

The Savoy’s HR team had historically assessed workforce engagement and satisfaction levels on an annual basis – an exercise that showed a dropping level of engagement. Consequently, the need for a new – and more interactive – solution that would complement existing engagement measurements became increasingly clear.

After internal research by The Savoy team showed that the hotel’s +500-strong workforce was largely made up of millennials or Gen Y employees (70%), establishing a system that would allow for timely and relevant reward and recognition of those key demographics was considered pivotal to success. In particular, the capability to deliver instant, peer-to-peer recognition was cited as a key project goal.

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