September 18, 2017

Collaborative Risk-Driven Intervention: Technology-Enabled Opportunities in Rural & Remote Communities – Video Interview with Study Partners Now Available

Watch as CATAAlliance Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes, interviews Dr. Chad Nilson, Inaugural
Research Fellow, Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science and Justice Studies, University of
Saskatchewan, and Cal Corley, Chief Executive Officer, Community Safety Knowledge Alliance on the
recently released study of the pilot project utilizing information and communication technology (ICT) as
a means of risk detection, information sharing, intervention planning, and ongoing service provision.

As described in the interview, the purpose of this project was to conduct research on ICT options in
Saskatchewan, explore adaptations of the Hub Model to fit the needs of remote communities, consult
with key ICT and collaborative risk-driven intervention professionals, and lay out a detailed plan for
community safety and well being stakeholders in Saskatchewan to move forward with technology-
enabled Hubs in rural and remote communities.

Watch the full briefing here:
Download a copy of the full report at: Hubs-Pilot-Project_FINAL.pdf

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