May 23, 2017

Does Your Organization Have an Interest in Making Canada a Global Leader in Public Safety, Cyber Security & E-Crime Prevention?

securityJoin the CATA Mission!

CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group, has created the venues for exchanging information, ideas and advocacy to find solutions and strategies that will meet present day security challenges while addressing the opportunities and obstacles of the future.

Take a few minutes to listen to special announcements at the 32nd Annual CATA Innovation Leadership Gala on the work CATA is undertaking in public safety, cyber security and e-crime .

Deputy Chief Scott Tod of North Bay Police Service spoke about the
CATA/CACP Cybercrime Council ( live stream video).

Katherine Thompson, Chair, CATA Cyber Council announced a
new project to give Canadian military veterans a second career in cyber security industry ( live stream video).

It is all part of making Canada the number one competitive innovation nation

Producers of security products, services and consulting solutions, including public policy experts should now reach out to CATAAlliance CEO, John Reid at jreid@cata. to discuss how to be part of this important mission.

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The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) is Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group, crowdsourcing ideas and guidance from thousands of opt in members in moderated social networks in Canada and key global markets. (No Tech Firm Left Behind)

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