October 10, 2017

PRESS the RESET BUTTON to improve Canadian business growth, entrepreneurship & innovation, says CATA to the Prime Minister of Canada

To improve Canadian business growth, entrepreneurship & innovation

Ottawa, ON…
CATAAllianceCanada’s One Voice for innovation lobby group, launched a “PRESS the RESET BUTTON Campaign” today because we believe that the federal government needs to seriously rethink its public policies and start to implement best practices that will truly stimulate Canadian business growth, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The new Campaign reflects the CATA mission to boost Canada’s ranking as the number one Competitive Innovation Nation.

In a first interview, Dan Wasserman, member, CATA Innovation Leadership Council and recognized innovation advocate, shares (see video) a perspective on what is occurring in the United States, Canada’s largest trading partner, where President Trump is proposing his long-awaited tax cuts – a $5-trillion tax plan, with cuts to individual and corporate rates and has already improved their tax credit support for innovation. Canada needs to respond to this U.S. plan with a plan to boost our own business community.

Mr. Wasserman calls for a RESET of Canada’s agenda to build on our entrepreneurial potential and to deploy all assets to do so.

CATA CEO, John Reid, speaking for CATA’s Innovation Leadership Council, said, “ We are asking Prime Minister Trudeau, in his public appearances and on social media, to PRESS the RESET BUTTON to improve Canadian business growth, entrepreneurship and innovation. It is a conversation that should be the top headline for all Canadians and the Prime Minister’s role is to make it so.”

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