May 30, 2017

Peter Brojde Award for Canada’s Next Generation Executive Leadership: Victoria Lennox, Co Founder & CEO, Startup Canada

Lt to Rt:
Ari Brojde, Co-Founder & CEO at Onist Technologies, Victoria Lennox, Co Founder & CEO, Startup Canada & John Reid, CATA, CEO

Join Ari Brojde, representing the Peter Brojde foundation for a Live Stream video at the 2017 CATA Innovation Gala as he presents the Community Leadership Award to Victoria Lennox, Co Founder & CEO, Startup Canada.

About the Peter Brojde Award

This award presented annually at the CATA Innovation Gala is given in recognition of the leader who has created an innovative new product and organization.  The award is named in honour of the late Peter Brojde, and symbolizes his ethic of personal and business success through hard work, perseverance and community involvement.

Victoria Lennox in Profile

Victoria is a social entrepreneur, commentator, program architect and policy advisor who has a track record of creating meaningful political and policy inroads to advance entrepreneurship.

As the co-founder and CEO of Startup Canada and the founder and President Emeritus of UK-based Charity NACUE, Victoria is recognized by the UNDP and EU as one of the foremost experts in entrepreneurship education; and, in fuelling entrepreneurship movements and awareness campaigns.

Victoria contributes actively on the global stage as the founder of Startup Generation; a catalyst of the Startup Nations; through speaking at global forums; as an advisor to more than 20 youth enterprise organizations; and, by supporting colleges and universities in countries across the world in enhancing student entrepreneurship.

Victoria is the first Canadian and one of the youngest recipients of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion on the recommendation of the British Prime Minister; is the recipient of the UK’s ‘Enterprise Support Network Builder Award’ and ‘Overall Enterprise Champion of the Year Award’ and has been recognized as a ‘Top 30 Under 30’ by Real Business Magazine, ‘One to Watch’ by Spectator Business, and as one of Canada’s ‘Top 30 Entrepreneurs’ by Profit Magazine.

Victoria completed her MSc. Global Governance & Diplomacy at Oxford University in 2008, before becoming the first woman President of Oxford Entrepreneurs. Victoria completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science and Governance & Public Policy at the University of Ottawa in 2006.

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