February 1, 2017

Payroll podcast: Taxable Benefits, an Expert Briefing now available

Now available the first in a CRA podcast series aimed at the payroll community and employers in general. In each episode, the host will talk to subject matter experts covering:

  • important topics related to deducting, remitting, and reporting payroll deductions;
  • detailed aspects and key concepts you need to understand to meet your obligations as an employer or payer;
  • other payroll questions the CRA is asked.

CATA members and supporters interested in receiving the podcast download on taxable benefits and the key concepts employers need to understand should  contact CATA CEO John Reid at
jreid@cata.ca to request the briefing material.

The Podcast is provided by a senior programs officer with the CRA, with more than 10 years of experience interpreting payroll-related policies and legislation.

** CATAAlliance has been identified as a key stakeholder of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

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