March 22, 2017

National Police Background Checks for Industry: Interview with law Enforcement Expert Driving Creation of a National Program

Watch this 10-minute video podcast briefing with Eldon Amoroso, O.O.M., Strategic Advisor, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), as he discusses the importance of industry engagement: not only with respect to the currently available survey assessing the need for a national police background check for industry, but on a breadth of files being advanced by the CACP ICT Committee.

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This survey is seeking the participation of any vendor selling into the law enforcement community who has first-hand experience in undergoing the background check process and ideally done so for multiple agencies. It should only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

To start the 6-question survey:


This survey will assist the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police ICT Committee in determining the demand amongst industry for a national police background check that would allow vendors to obtain a national certification for their employees that would conceivably be recognized by most police forces in Canada. Under the current regime, a company regularly must conduct a background check for each employee for each police agency.

With the prospect of significant, national, technology-based investments into the first responder community on the horizon i.e. a public safety broadband network, NG 9-1-1, public wireless alerting, companies may more than ever realize an opportunity to sell similar products and services to multiple law enforcement agencies. As such, the ICT Committee is proactively seeking to assess Industry’s perspectives and experience with the current regime and whether a demand exists for a nationally recognized certification.

It is anticipated that creating a national background check program would avoid duplication, streamline procurement, and realize a reduction in time and costs through process efficiencies for both law enforcement and industry.

The survey contains six questions and will only take about 2- 3 minutes to complete.  The deadline to respond is March 31.

The results of this survey will allow the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police ICT Committee to better determine the private sector’s existing attitudes and experiences in obtaining police background checks and provide evidence or support to engage in the creation of a national certification process.

For more information on the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police ICT Committee, visit:


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