May 26, 2017

Do you have responsibility for mobile employees in your organization who need to spend extended time away from home to do their jobs? CATA partnered research

“Many employees in Canada are ‘on the move’ for work. Mobile workers may engage in long daily commutes, extended absences from home lasting weeks, months and even years, and many people travel to, from and within their jobs. “

CATAAlliance is partnering with a team of researchers conducting a study of leading policies and practices used to manage mobile workers and balance concerns regarding employee productivity, family and well-being.

To assist with this research, we are asking community members to complete an Online Survey found at:

We will create a report and a free webinar on our findings. Participants will have access to these resources as benchmarks for your organization as well as a source of ideas of what policies and practices work for these employees and their organizations. You can also enter a draw for a free registration to an online HR Social Media seminar.

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