December 10, 2017

CATA Takes Its Smart City Channel to Johannesburg, South Africa, new Global series now launched

One of CATA’s goals is to let Canadian producers of Smart City technologies and solutions know about global sales opportunites and how to best position themselves to take advantage of the high growth Smart City marketplace. (John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance)

Ottawa, ON…
CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group, will take its Smart City Channel to Johannesburg, South Africa, as part of a new international outreach series to global thought leaders with Smart City best practices to share.

According to
Charles Lim, VP, IMAX, alumni, Harvard Business School & member, CATA Innovation Leadership Council, “ As a CATA Director, I saw an immediate role in helping advance CATA’s mission by reaching out to my international business network to contribute to the Smart Cities Channel. Our CATA CEO, John Reid, will now be virtually travelling around the world, from Australia, Latin America, South America to Europe and Russia, interviewing leaders on best Smart Cities practices for building Canadian Smart Cities and revealing export opportunities.”

On December 18th, CATA CEO, John Reid, will interview Richard Tunstall, IEP Group, Vumatel and alumni, Harvard Business School, who is developing the Smart City Infrastructure for Johannesburg building out their FTTH network with IoT, Cameras and then overlaying a Solar Grid on top of it.

CATA’s Smart City Video Channel

Join conversations with thought leaders who will inspire new ways for rural areas to match urban advances, and for urban centres to leapfrog their global rivals. Our mission is to create world-class Smart Cities through embracing best practices in use around the globe and to define opportunities to sell technologies and solutions to the high growth Smart City marketplace.

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