April 28, 2017

Emerging IT Leader Program (June 19th-22nd & July 31st, Novotel, Toronto Centre): Sign Up Today!

Please review the details of the
Emerging IT Leader Program (June 19th-22nd & July 31st,  Novotel ,Toronto Centre) and then enrol at www.leadersbeyond.com or Email: info@leadersbeyond.com for further information.


Emerging IT Leader Program (5 Days)

Duration:  5 Days, delivered in 2 modules
Module 1 is 4 days long
Module 2 is a 1 day Business Decision Workshop delivered approximately 30 days after Module 1
Hours of Work: 8.30am – 5.00pm; some evening work required
Maximum Class Size: 24 students

Next Class: June 19th-22nd and July 31st, 2017 at Novotel Toronto Centre

Enrol and for a detailed description of the leader modules:  www.leadersbeyond.com

Background & Value

Goal: Learn the skills and insights required to think and act as a business leader.

This program is designed and delivered by an outstanding faculty of real-world executives, IT leaders and practitioners who are dedicated to passing on the knowledge and acumen they have gained over many years of experience. Learn the lessons they wished they had known earlier in their careers, delivered with the goal of helping students avoid pitfalls and missteps, and accelerate their career success.

Who Should Attend

IT professionals who satisfy any of these criteria:

  • In an IT project manager or business analyst role
  • In an IT leadership or departmental interface role
  • Regularly interfaces with senior business managers and sponsors of IT projects
  • Direct or indirect fiscal responsibility and accountability for the value delivery of IT solutions
  • Manages a team and is likely to seek increasingly more senior general management roles

Program Benefits

  • Learn from successful senior IT executives and business leaders
  • Understand how to develop strategies to become more influential
  • Learn how to get buy-in from management, peers and clients through improved leadership skills
  • Master the challenges of working within a team to get results
  • Realize essential financial basics and the critical metrics of success
  • Appreciate the key elements of customer focus that every leader must know
  • Clearly set expectations and consistently get results through superb execution delivery
  • Develop a learning journal that will serve as a personal leadership development plan
  • Develop and commit to measurable and immediately actionable goals


The faculty consists of an outstanding lineup of chief executives and senior private and public sector practitioners with a consistent track record of success in their individual fields. They are skilled and experienced leaders who know how to share their insights and expertise to accelerate the careers of technology leaders, preparing them for the next step in their career development.

Apply the learning to develop immediately actionable options for approaching current business challenges on return to work.


“An excellent course for individuals wanting to understand and practice the skills required to strategically align information technology with the business. The Emerging IT Leader Program taught the skills and knowledge required for my staff to lead more effectively within our organization.” Sabina Visser, General Manager, Information Technology, City of Lethbridge President, MISA Prairies

“I really enjoyed the Emerging IT Leader Program because of all the great course content and the great faculty in this program. What I liked most were the real-world experiences that the faculty shared with us. I also learned a lot from other course attendees. All these great people showed me what a true IT leader should be and how they react to real-world problems.” David Zhao, Technical Lead, Application Operations Treasury and Risk Management Technology Team, CIBC

“The Emerging IT Leader Program addresses one of the biggest hurdles most new managers face. We often hear sound business philosophies from an academic/theoretical perspective but lack the tools to implement them successfully. This course has filled in those gaps and helped me identify some key concepts, which will help me succeed in my role and will be instrumental in moving my career forward.” Susie Mahendran, Supervisor, Contract Administration, City of Toronto

“Excellent program. It really gave me a good view on being a manager and made me look at my role from a different perspective.” Alice Lu, Manager, Loyalty Group

“I wish I had this 10 years ago.” Roland Deutsch, Senior Manager, Portfolio and Project Management, Infrastructure Technology Services, Government of Ontario

About Leaders Beyond

Leaders Beyond education programs provide mid-level and senior IT professionals with the critical skills and knowledge they require to position themselves as true business leaders. We take you beyond the traditional scope of IT, enabling you to provide measurable and immediate value that contributes directly to the overall success of your organization.

Students gain the real-world advantages of learning from accomplished business leaders using a highly interactive case study-based approach:

  • Critical skills to address real-life business challenges.
  • Ability to understand, collaborate and engage with anyone at any level of the organization.
  • Knowledge and insight to make a measurable and immediate impact on business outcomes.

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