December 22, 2017

IT Modernization Roadmap (OTA) now available to help companies advance their technology sales and target future product development for a growing marketplace

IT Modernization Roadmap

Request your access password today from CATA CEO, John Reid at in order to watch as Daniel Steeves, CIO, Ottawa Police Service (OPS) provides a detailed briefing on the Service’s IT Modernization Roadmap, offering updates on its current status with a special focus on its cyber security implications.

In this 1-hour broadcast, viewers will be treated to an in-depth presentation led by Daniel Steeves, CIO, Ottawa Police Service on the OPS IT Modernization Roadmap and including a Q&A session with those who participated in the live broadcast. There is a special focus on cyber security implications.

Note that Mr. Steeves answers questions related to issues around the procurement process, matters related to the use of the cloud, and the adoption of national information management standards in policing.

CATA’s Kevin Wennekes is also available for follow up with supplementary marketing materials and to discuss how you can best engage in helping advance the CATA Cyber Security & Public Safety mission.

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