January 2, 2017

Israeli Advanced Technology Industries (IATI): CATALOG Outreach

IATI: Connecting the Israeli HighTech Ecosystem from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

URL: iati.co.il/
Contact: Yaara Kassner, International Relations Coordinator
Email: yaara@iati.co.il
Market: Business Association

The Israeli Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) is Israel’s umbrella organization of high-tech and life science industries.

Our +700 members belong to every level and aspect of the ecosystem: Entrepreneurs, start-ups, incubators, accelerators, R&D centers, MNCs, local and international, VC funds, private investors, TTOs, and service providers.
We are the platform which promotes Israeli high-tech ecosystem on all its levels.

IATI is active in networking locally and globally, business development, Knesset lobbying, promoting STEM education, events & conferences organizing.

We provide our members access to R&D, marketing, financial service providers, the world’s top tier venture capital investors and many more.

We support government activity and advocate for public policy that encourage innovation.

We creates business opportunities for our members in Israel and abroad.

Our Forums and Committees meet on a regular basis as to co-think and initiate projects to support the Industry’s interests, such as tax policy, IP protection, STEM education, and more.

IATI positions the high tech & life science industries as the #1 industry in Israel as well as worldwide.

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