April 24, 2017

Towards Intelligent Smart City Law, an Insightful Executive Report: Join the Mission!

smartcitiesTowards Intelligent Smart City Law

CATAAlliance would like to share with members and supporters an insightful report, authored by Victor A. de Pous, Corporate IT Lawyer and Legal Analyst, University of Amsterdam, entitled:Towards Intelligent Smart City Law.

The 15 page report focuses on Smart cities, a topic that has become very trendy and almost evolved as a major sport, because of a worldwide competition.

Content sections include: Executive headlines, Preface, To govern means having foresight, Fuzzy sociological concepts, IT increasingly becomes something different, Law in motion. A legal horizon, and Five analyses.


Ongoing rankings and indexations for smart cities do exist indeed. Politicians, however, should not compete in this respect, but cooperate. Smart city deployments are surely inevitable for sustainable growth as a responsible answer to current and emerging societal challenges. Let us focus on this direction, including solid legal and policy frameworks with clear principles fitted to — the well-being of — people and the national identity of a country.

engageYou can now download this material now (permission required) at http://tinyurl.com/l2wymuj Please contact CATA at info@cata.ca for your password.

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