June 22, 2017

Innovation Insight with Howard Kettner, CATA Innovation Leadership Council member: Join the Conversation

Innovation Insight with Howard Kettner, CATA Innovation Leadership Council member from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Join CATA’s CEO John Reid for a one minute video interview insight from Howard Kettner, Community Leader, CEO BenefitsGenius and newest member of the CATA Innovation Leadership Council. According to Howard, we are all hardwired to do more better and innovation is the key.

About Howard Ketter

Over the years, off the corner of my desk as CEO of a national employee benefits consulting firm, I worked with benefits advisors to 10x their success by transforming a personality-based practice to a process-driven business. With my business sold in May 2013, I spent about 23 months just breathing and assessing what I wanted to do next. At the urging of my colleagues in the employee benefits community, I launched BenefitsGenius.ca, a community that gives Canadian employee benefits advisors the unique tools and knowledge to 10x their success and achieve genius results for their business, team and clients.

Through BenefitsGenius, advisors will learn about the Four Success Pillars that took my business, GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions, from one small sawmill client in B.C. to over 2,000 clients from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and ultimately to a cash sale – a cash sale that gave me the freedom and peace of mind to define a bigger future of my choosing.

During my 33 years as a benefits plan advisor and administrator, I was incredibly privileged to meet and work with some of the best and brightest – and I have enduring gratitude for the genius they unselfishly shared with me – genius that resulted in the Four Success Pillars that were the foundation of my 10x success. I know I can help other advisors to build on these same pillars to create their unique BenefitsGenius expertise and 10x results.

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