November 6, 2017

CATA Calls for Guidance on Attracting & Retaining Talent for Business Growth: Take 2 Minutes to Complete our Survey Form

Toronto, ON…CATAAllianceCanada’s One Voice for Advocacy Lobby Group, announced today that it is conducting a nation-wide Survey of Tech Sector Employee Group Benefits Insurance Plans with a view to better addressing recruitment, retention and effectiveness of these Plans for Canada’s technology enterprises. 

CATA CEO, John Reid, said, “ In the highly competitive quest for talent, an Employee Benefit Plan that is attractive to employees and saves the employer money is really a winning combination. Developing this new customized offering of employee benefits is a case of CATA turning advocacy into action. CATA constantly advocates for programs and policies that will attract the best talent to Canada. For more details, check CATA’s competitive Innovation National agenda. “

Reid added, ” We will start by deploying a short Survey Tool Form that gauges the HR requirements of the industry and then act according to guidance on items such as new Employee Benefit Insurance Plans.”

We have the questions, but YOU have the answers . . .

Please Take 2 Minutes to Answer 7 Questions 

When the Plan details are finalized CATA will be alerting the industry to examine our offering. In the meantime please complete the survey form and email any questions to CATA CEO, John Reid at

Project leader, and member, CATA Innovation Leadership Council, Jeff Richer said, “ CATA’s HR & Benefits Leadership Team is led by industry experts from coast to coast who have a proven ability to respond to the needs and opportunities that the Survey uncovers for improving product, process and price structures for Canada’s tech sector.

Richer concluded, ” Instead of a One Plan for All, we will tailor Plans based on the individual needs of small to large enterprises, using innovative approaches to do so and making full use of group purchasing power to add value, improve benefits and reduce costs.  Along with John Reid, we will also lead advocacy for the industry to attract and keep the best talent in Canada on issues identified in the Survey.”

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