May 19, 2017

56 Page Report From the Healthcare Sector Supply Chain Strategy Expert Panel: Now available

would like to share with members and supporters a comprehensive report on Advancing Healthcare in Ontario Optimizing the Healthcare Supply Chain – A New Model.

The 56 page report addresses three goals:  First, to recommend a province-wide supply chain strategy for healthcare; second,  to analyze the strategic procurement structures now in place (including Shared Service Organizations and Group Purchasing Organizations) to understand their current capabilities and opportunities; and, third, to recommend a model for healthcare providers to participate with associated costing and savings, along with an implementation plan.

You can download this material now (permission required) at  Please contact CATA CEO, John Reid at for your password.

Executive Summary

World-class healthcare systems are supported by seamless, integrated and value-based supply chains. Going beyond the procurement of goods and services, robust supply chains deliver value and contribute to improved quality of patient care.

This report sets out a strategy to transform Ontario’s healthcare supply chain over the next three years. This strategy will build on successes to date. It will support and shift care closer to home. Most important, it will improve patient experience and ensure access to high quality products and services at each and every point of care.

With this strategy, the panel also believes Ontario will not only return substantial savings back to patient care; the province will also be positioned to improve quality and alignment across the many “silos” that still exist in our healthcare system. The province can achieve these advances through greater engagement of healthcare providers, the adoption of value-based procurement and advancement of innovative solutions.

Based on our analysis, the total addressable annual spend related to the procurement of goods and services for Ontario’s healthcare providers is now over $12 billion. Once our recommendations are fully implemented across the healthcare system, we estimate that the savings we have quantified will progress up to $500 million a year. In addition, there are further savings opportunities we have not quantified. These savings will then be available for reinvestment in patient care and the health and well-being of Ontarians.

To this end, the panel has 12 recommendations to transform Ontario’s healthcare supply chain…

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