December 5, 2017

Finding investment capital to fund your startup: New approaches to health insurance from CATAAlliance Hi-TEC

Whenever CATA surveys the marketplace for key priorities, a top item is finding investment capital to fund start-ups. That’s why we led the advocacy for crowdfunding adoption by all Canadian provinces and the reduction of red taps barriers to venture capital markets in the U.S.

And now after six months of development work, we have found another source of investment capital for Canadian start-ups, and it is not where you typically would think.

Our professional team has developed a methdology for tax effective compensation for health insurance to be utilized as an incentive to attract and keep talent when cash strapped and trying to do business on a dime.

It’s called CATAAlliance Hi-TEC (Innovative Health Insurance & Tax Effective Compensation) for Start-Up Enterprises and you can find out all the details by contacting: Jeff Richer, member, CATA Innovation Leadership Council at


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