February 24, 2017

New federal procurement modernization advocacy presentation now available

Alliance members and supporters can now download CATA’s federal procurement modernization advocacy presentation (16 slides) and also consult with executives on the CATA Innovation Leadership Council conducting meetings with key government officials.

Download URL (permission based): http://tinyurl.com/jxfguep

This advocacy and briefing material will be of direct interest to executives selling to the federal government. Note that the presentation responds to set of six briefing documents (also available, upon request), including:

  • Modernizing Indigenous Procurement
  • Increasing Provincial-Territorial Use of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) Procurement Instruments Government of Canada
  • Procurement Modernization: Improved process for Low Dollar Value (LDV) Low Complexity Procurement
  • Government of Canada Procurement Modernization: Enhancement of Standing Offers & Supply Arrangements (SO/SAs)
  • Exploring Innovative Ways for the Government of Canada to Manage Supplier Relationships & Performance
  • Questions for Industry on Socio-Economic Benefits

Please contact CATA CEO, John Reid at
jreid@cata.ca  to receive this material, and also indicate any interests you may have in helping advance CATA’s Procurement Advocacy led by Alex Beraskow, member, CATA Innovation Leadership Council and a recognized thought leader in the field.

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